First post go brrrrr

As I write this I’m sitting on the couch in my dressing gown, after midnight, contemplating why exactly I’m writing a post. I think it mostly comes down to wanting to make it very clear that there’s a person behind this portfolio, just a lil guy, living daily life. I’m not just churning art out mindlessly, ya know?

I suppose I find some portfolios only really tell you so much about a person and you can kind of get detached in a way. That seems a shame to me! So here, I’ll talk at you and be a nuisance, just like real life.

Some fun facts about me: I take my tea black with one sugar, I’m terrible at telling jokes, one of my favourite things to do is sort out my belongings and put them in pleasing and accessible spots, and I had a pet hedgehog called Sir Ian McKellen. He passed away and broke my heart but now I have the polar opposite in Brian, my huge greyhound.

In relation to art, I wanted to do something with concept art since secondary school, when I bought a Star Trek art book and discovered it was a job you could actually have. My interest grew even stronger when the Hobbit movies came out along with their art books. I chose my college because the website said someone who had worked on the Hobbit had studied there. Mind made up in one sentence.

That was a hot minute ago. My taste has developed since then to know I have a huge amount still to learn in order to reach that level. I’m nothing if not stubborn though.

Maybe this will have been a tiny little window into the being that is Ailbhe. Hope it creates further context for the portfolio!

Stay cool ✌️

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